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Chemlnnov - 14 avenue Pey Berland
Pessac, 33600 FRANCE
phone: +33-53-554-1006
[email protected]

Based in the south west of France, Emulseo has been founded in 2018 by Jean-Christophe Baret, ValÚrie Taly and Florine Maes.

Emulseo develops formulations for microfluidic technology such as the surfactant for droplet-based microfluidics named FluoSurf.

Emulseo comes from Jean-Christophe Baret Lab at the Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal in Pessac. Emulseo has thus a strong expertise in microfluidics and aims to help and collaborate with customers in improving and developing new products.

191024_FluoSurf product data sheet